The Owners

We created "Fide Mea Hospitality" to meet all the needs of those property owners that desire to transform their home in a "Holiday Home"

We did that in mind that owners could think only about the earnings of their property, giving "Fide Mea Hospitality" every other task, to be able to completely dedicate themselves to their activity and/or free time, avoiding to manage the property as a second job.

The owner's satisfaction for our work passes through his Guest's satisfactions for his work: because of this, we have a double objective to reach, that needs all of our dedication and professionality.

We want to be the best, and for this we selected the best co-operators, and keep selecting the top Guests and Owners, to reach the goal of a mutual satisfaction. The website, which is dedicated to the owners, is the landmark of how much we do for them.

"A house is a precious good, that needs to be protected and cuddled to become productive, to return the love received".

We will help you doing that.

Contact us for any informations and advices, our team is at your disposal for any needs:

+39 3452796569

+39 3756057371