The Guests

Our guests and their satisfaction are the most valuable assets of “Florence My Love”.

From the first contact to the check-out they are followed and pampered by our staff in order to make their Florentine stay wonderful.

Not just our guests but also we are travelers and tested different realities of hospitality which are not always in line with our expectations. These experiences have helped us to better understand the expectations when renting a house, booking a hotel or B&B: live a pleasant experience in complete relaxation without problems.

We also think that traveling is becoming more and more an experience and that the traveler desires to share them with the hosting city as much as possible.

For us there do not exist customers but “Guests” with a capital G and “Travelers” looking for experiences and “Florence My Love” is all this and more….

Contact us for any informations and advices, our team is at your disposal for any needs:

+39 3452796569

+39 3756057371